How our process works


From answering the first phone call inquiring about the building process to handing over the key to our customers Kleefeld Construction offers a custom home building service that is designed to address every question and supply every need of our customers.

It begins with a discussion about expectations and options leading to the development of preliminary drawings with which a projected construction budget is created at no cost to the customer. From there the decision is made to move ahead to working drawings and a fixed price or to a revision of the plans and price in order to better suit the customer’s financial situation.

In the end, with mutual agreement on the project details and price, a contract is created with the customer and the building project begins. Depending on the size and complexity of the home a normal expected completion time could be anywhere from 3-6 months.

A safe work environment

Safety Procedures

Completing our jobs in the safest way possible is of utmost important to Kleefeld Construction. Protective equipment and safe work procedures in accordance with Manitoba Safety and Health standards is required on all of our jobs sites. We train our workers to be aware of any and all hazards or risks on our job sites.

Jen Reimer is Kleefeld Construction’s safety coordinator. For any questions contact her at

GST Rebate

Apply for a GST rebate (2 year deadline) to find out how much you can get back on your new home. Homes that are $350,000.00 or less (including lot) get back 1/3 of all GST. If your home is cost $450,000.00 or more (including lot) , you will not receive a return. Anything in between is prorated.

Application Form [PDF]
Instructions [PDF]