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  • Concrete & Framing Labour Contracts

  • Electrical & Plumbing Subcontracts

  • Skid Steer Leveling

  • General Contracting – Complete Turn-Key

    General contracting is an agreement between the customer and contractor where a fixed price is set for the total scope of the building project (with the exception of allowance items like flooring, cabinets and lighting which will be chosen by the customer during construction and might vary from the budgeted amounts). In general contracting the contractor sets the price of the project based on his expected costs and profit margins. With this arrangement the contractor carries the risk of cost overruns and gains the potential benefit of greater profits if material and subtrade costs are kept at or below the projected construction budget.

  • Project Management – Complete Turn-Key

    Project Management is an arrangement with the customer where a projected construction budget is provided with a general agreement that the exact costs might vary at the time of construction and that the customer will pay the exact cost of the project, whether it is higher or lower than originally projected. The expected profit in a project management agreement is in the fixed labour contracts in all the labour provided by Kleefeld Construction employees (the scope of which is discussed with the customer in the early planning stages) and in a pre-determined project management fee. All materials and labour subcontracts are provided at the exact cost to the contractor with detailed receipts provided for accountability. More financial flexibility and a high degree of trust is required with project management because of the potential for change in expected costs. On the other hand, because materials and subtrades are provided at cost, project management also has the potential to bring a project in under budget, thereby saving the customer money. This can be thought of as a risk versus reward trade off.

  • Design Service

    Need help with designing the interior and/or exterior of your home? We now offer a design service, for everyone! Whether you’re building new or doing a renovation, or even just wanting help with a room in your house, you can now call us for help! Certain design packages will also include a full 3D model of your space, so you can visualize exactly how it will look. Call or email Linsey¬†for more information.
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  • 3D Renderings

    Kleefeld Construction is now offering detailed 3D models! 3D models are a great tool to be able to visualize your project, big or small. Depending on your needs, we can do anything from simple exteriors to extremely detailed exteriors and interiors. Being able to see things in 3D offers a huge advantage, as you can make accurate changes before the build starts, or pick the right exterior/interior finishes to see how they look, and make sure that they work well in your space with your existing furniture. Call or email Linsey for more information.